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Anyone interested... [Oct. 30th, 2008|04:20 pm]
Madison WI Gaming Community


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...in some old school gaming? AD&D 1st Edition or maybe AD&D 2E (sans all the additional optional rules).
What I mean by Old School is that back when we originally played D&D it was a roleplaying game...we roleplayed everything. There were no rules for non-combat conflicts aside from a very basic +/- modifier for reaction.
While we had dungeon crawls sometimes, that wasn't all there was. We played for years without a need for rules for everything under the sun.

What I'm proposing is playing in a campaign where we explore a setting, get in some sandbox adventuring and just have a good time with it.

Something pulpy and gritty would be nice.

[User Picture]From: jeff_preston
2008-10-31 08:01 pm (UTC)

Re: You might find this interesting...

You've GOT to realize that you're NOT the norm on this. You're a real-live "unique snowflake". It probably depends on the social circles you run in, but there's a LOT of folks who don't do that...have no interest in doing that...but still call themselves GMs and they run games.

I imagine with some games that works. With others...not so much.

I've been in some wonderful games where the GM has prepped the NPCs like that and it's been awesome. Aaron has done it. Jason Blair has pulled off some awesome NPCs. Matt and Monica both have. Most of the folks "round these parts" have done so. (I think this area is especially blessed in that category).
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